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We assist foreign nationals, former Filipino citizens and foreign investors wishing to retire, live, and invest in the Philippines. We are engaged in every aspect of providing economical and quality housing, accommodation, healthcare, leisure and travel, and immigration.


Retirement in the Philippines offers a vast range of rewards and opportunities: comfortable living, delightful places to visit, hospitable community, and positive investments.

Experience the Philippines through our “Short and Long Stay Program” which gives an opportunity to “test-live” in the country and learn more about its people, culture, and lifestyle.

We are accredited with the Philippines Retirement Authority (PRA) to assist foreign nationals, former Filipino citizens, and foreign investors who wish to retire, live, and invest in the Philippines.

With over 20 years of immigration experience, our team of professionals can assist retirees in gaining residency in the Philippines.

Our diverse and highly skilled global workforce work hand-in-hand in providing excellent service to customers. As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in being able to contribute to our country and communities where we live and work. We also care deeply about the rich environment in the Philippines and are proud of the many ways in which our employees work to promote it.

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