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We offer learning programs and other services to help those who wish to study and work abroad. Our language center offers unlimited IELTS review and German language training. We also offer online English courses.

BNAC Education

We are committed to giving students access to quality education. Various programs and services are available to address specific needs of the students.

  • Student Placement

    For students who wish to study and work abroad, we offer a wide range of study and work programs in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Canada, and UK.

  • SITP

    We assist foreign students who are looking to study in the Philippines. In recent years, the Philippines have increasingly become a popular educational destination for international students.

  • BNAC Language Center

    Our language center provides all the necessary tools and facilities for students to hone their English language skills. We also have German language training for those who wish to study and/or work in Germany.

    • E-Learn English

      We offer various English language courses to students who wish to study the English language in the comfort of their own homes. Online courses include General English, Conversational English, Business English, and Language Test Preparation.

    • IELTS Review

      Our center is specifically designed for individuals who have plans to study and work abroad where English is the medium of communication. Our unique training courses are designed to help students attain excellent results in the IELTS test.

    • German Language

      We offer German language classes (A1 to B2) to those who are planning to study and/or work in Germany.

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